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I have created art since early childhood.. Some of my earliest memories are of myself scooping mud into rusty pie pans and topping them with grass, leaves, and small pebbles.I would confiscate my sister's paint by numbers remains and and dab the wonderful smelling ooze onto typing paper creating trees and flowers. As an artist I desire to explore the family relationships and those systems and institutions which mold or mar the intertwining of family. It is not my desire to be political but rather to share my personal observations. Many of my images reflect members of my family. By placing myself under the tutelage of masters I have learned to step beyond myself and examine my lifetime experiences: interpreting, capturing, and illustrating them in/through various mediums. I learned by my mothers` example to be resourceful. She would take a few food staples and home grown garden vegetables and create the most delectable dishes. I take discarded and found objects. and materials that are no longer functioning in their original purposes and reinterpret their value. I resurrect and redeem them in an art form. I feel a deep sense of pride in this joyful endeavor as I have both created works and recycled at the same time.


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